Intermediate Metal Conduit (IMC)

A great high-quality and light alternative to our heavier Galvite® Electrical Rigid Steel Conduit (ERMC-S), Nucor Tubular Product’s IMC can be utilized to install a magnetically shielded and grounded electrical wiring system quickly and cost-effectively.

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Nucor Tubular Product’s IMC is made from high-quality, flat-rolled steel. After forming and welding, the tubes receive a satin-smooth, corrosion-resistant zinc coating courtesy of Nucor Tubular Product’s exclusive Electrogalvanizing process. A secondary treatment following the zinc coating extends the corrosion-resistance of Nucor Tubular Product’s IMC.


Features and Benefits

Consistent quality – Nucor Tubular Product’s IMC is manufactured for long life and provides complete physical and mechanical protection for any electrical wiring job. The finished pipe is uniform in outside diameter size, wall thickness, and ductility, while its electro-galvanized zinc coating resists cracking, flaking and damage even from severe bending.

Easier, faster installs – Silverslick® protective inside diameter (I.D.) coating in the product reduces friction when pulling or pushing the wires and remains hard and smooth in various climate conditions.

Cost-effective – Nucor Tubular Product’s IMC meets the same corrosion-resistance specifications as our heavier Galvite® (ERMC-S) while also providing more inside space for wiring. The physical and mechanical properties of Nucor Tubular Product’s IMC ensure that the pipe has an extended shelf life, great for immediate use or storage without degradation in quality.

Lower life cycle cost – Nucor Tubular Product’s IMC is impact-resistant and chemically compatible with concrete. The product does not burn, decompose, or give off harmful smoke or gasses in a fire, guaranteeing that the fire-resistant rating of the penetrative assembly is not degraded. Nucor Tubular Product’s IMC is adaptable and can accommodate future wiring changes or upgrades as needed over the life of a building. Last, but not least, our steel conduit can also be 100 percent recycled at the end of its useful life.

Nucor Tubular Product products are manufactured in the U.S. from domestically sourced raw materials.