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Independence Tube Corporation, Southland Tube, and Republic Conduit are now Nucor Tubular Products. As we come together as part of Nucor, North America’s leading steel company, we remain dedicated to working together with you, our customer.

Because while the demands of your industry may be strong, we’re even stronger when we work together.


Nucor Tubular Products’ hollow structural sections (HSS) are second to none, with a strength-to-weight ratio that makes them the industry benchmark. Whether for building or bridge construction or any of its many manufacturing applications, the beneficial characteristics of HSS make it the go-to economical choice for dozens of uses.



With Nucor Tubular Products as your partner, your structure will have the pipe piling grades you need to ensure the safest, most solid and most economical foundation possible. Our manufacturing processes are the most accurate in the industry, meaning your piling foundation is solid, and your focus can remain on the projects at hand.


Electrical Steel Conduit

Nucor Tubular Products offers EMT, IMC, GRC, and rigid aluminum conduit in the full range of trade sizes. We are the only manufacturer to offer features on our EMT designed to reduce installation costs and avoid jobsite delays, including Inch-Mark®, Guide-Line®, Silverslick®, and diamond-knurled I.D.  All of our steel is domestically sourced and produced in the United States.


Standard Pipe

Standard pipe is anything but standard. With its countless applications and uses, standard pipe is the workhorse of steel tubing. Our commitment is to make sure it works for you.


Sprinkler Pipe

When it comes to sourcing sprinkler pipe, the stakes are high. Lives and property depend on sprinkler pipe made of the highest quality components that meet the most stringent requirements. We have you covered.