Electrunite® Electrical Metallic Tubing (EMT)

Nucor Tubular Product’s Electrunite® Electrical Metallic Tubing (EMT) is designed with the user in mind. Besides being the easiest electrical conduit to bend currently available in the marketplace, proprietary features on Nucor Tubular Product’s small-diameter EMT, such as Inch-Mark® and Guide-line®, help reduce bending and measurement errors during installation. Large-diameter sizes of Nucor Tubular Product’s EMT offer an advantage to jobs where weight is a key factor in designing an electrical wiring system. Because of its thinner walls, large EMT weighs approximately 40 percent less than similar-sized Galvite® Electrical Rigid Metal Conduit-Steel (Galvite® ERMC-S). Thinner walls also provide more than 20 percent extra interior space for wiring when compared to identically sized Galvite® ERMC-S. This, in turn, allows Nucor Tubular’s customers to save on shipping and overall installation costs.

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Nucor Tubular Product’s EMT is manufactured from high-quality, flat-rolled steel that is uniquely formulated for its high malleability. After forming and welding, the tubes receive a satin-smooth, corrosion-resistant zinc coating courtesy of Nucor Tubular Product’s exclusive electrogalvanizing process. A final passivation layer added to the product further strengthens its corrosion-resistance properties.

Features and Benefits

Proprietary features

  • Easier wiring pulling and pushing: diamond-shaped I.D. pattern* and protective, slick inside coating (Silverslick®) reduce friction when pulling or pushing the wires. The Silverslick® finish remains hard and smooth in various climate conditions, protecting your conduit and your investment.
  • Accurate, time-efficient bending: Nucor Tubular Product's EMT is Inch-Marked®* and Guide-Lined®*, assisting the installer in bending the conduit through a single plane and measuring without the need of a ruler, reducing cost from mistakes as well as installation time.

*Applies to ½", ¾" and 1" EMT sizes

Easy to bend - Nucor Tubular Product's EMT is made from an exclusive steel formula designed to provide high ductility and strength. Together with Nucor Tubular Product's superior manufacturing process geared toward exacting internal standards, the product promotes wrinkle-free bends, reduced kinking, and minimized splitting from repeated bending and straightening. Lower life cycle cost - Nucor Tubular Product's EMT conduit is impact-resistant, noncombustible, chemically compatible with concrete, and resists cracking, flaking and damage from severe bending. The product is adaptable and can accommodate future wiring changes or upgrades as needed over the life of the building. The physical and mechanical properties of Nucor Tubular Product's EMT ensure that the tube has an extended shelf life, great for immediate use or storage without degradation in quality. Last, but not least, our steel conduit can also be 100 percent recycled at the end of its useful life. System grounding and electromagnetic interference shielding - Nucor Tubular Product's EMT not only protects people from the harmful effects of faulty wiring, but also shields any nearby electric and electronic equipment from damage by the electromagnetic fields. Nucor Tubular Product products are manufactured in the U.S. from domestically sourced raw materials.